Abandoned Balmain Tigers League Club, Sydney, Australia

The Abandoned Balmain Tigers League Club, Sydney, Australia

The Balmain Tigers League Club was built in 1957 and valued at $22 million. The building now sits abandoned, open to many squatters and is in very bad condition.

In one of the dark basement rooms, there are about 7 dirty mattresses lying in a row from one end of the room to the other. The labyrinthine rooms and passages are completely covered in graffiti, walls are smashed in and rubble covers the floor everywhere.

The sheer size of this place is not obvious to the outside eye. Step inside and you find yourself in a fascinating maze of offices, bars, shower rooms and secret corridors leading to different basement sections.

Access into this building is very easy via the car park. For that reason, many of the rooms are taken over by squatters. However, I came across no one while I was there.

Finally, I would like to ask “Fairapy” to stop the vandalism of abandoned buildings in Sydney. I went into every room of the Balmain Tigers League Club and the following “graffiti” was plastered on nearly every wall, especially in the basement: Fairapy, Facebook, and YouTube.

I googled “Fairapy” when I got home from the club and found the Facebook page of a very amateur local rapper who had posted a video of him filming a music video in the abandoned club.

I appreciate good graffiti but when it’s just tag words plastered on EVERY wall with the intent of getting social media hits it’s just shit vandalism and it’s ugly. I work in digital marketing so I’m finding it hard to understand what audience Fairapy was trying to reach by advertising in the basement of an abandoned football club…squatters?

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