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Hello and welcome to Abandoned World Photography – where you can adventure back through centuries in time and get lost in the raw urbex videography and photography of abandoned buildings in Australia, the UK, Spain, Ireland, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Abandoned World Photography is a collection of rare, exclusive images that offer every single viewer a unique, personal experience. The photographs and videos are unedited snapshots into our ancestors’ past lives – their traditions, culture, challenges, and desires. It’s a Sherlock Holmes deep dive into the businesses of today and what they’re hiding in locked drawers, confidential folders and down in the basement. For the first time ever, you can put on Harry Potter’s invisible cloak and walk straight past a security guard and into an off-limits building or room.

Are you ready to see what lies beyond and beneath some of the most historic, famous, and desolate buildings in our world?


Photographing Abandoned Buildings

Lainey Tess Quinn │Abandoned World Photographer and Urban Explorer

All of the buildings documented by Abandoned World Photography are vacant and abandoned. We strive to photograph historical buildings of public interest such as abandoned  hospitals, places of business, mental asylums, houses, industrial sites,  military sites like abandoned prisons, and lots more.

Each location harbours fascinating stories and secrets and we are committed to providing the historical background for every site we photograph.

Feel free to contact Abandoned World Photography regarding urbex/urban exploration, press/media appearances, how to start off as an urban explorer, or if you know of a vacant site that you would like to see photographed in your country!


What is Urbex?

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Urbex is short for urban exploration which means exploring abandoned sites, buildings, or man-made structures, and documenting the ruins or decay through photography and or videography.

If you are new to urbex, feel free to visit the Abandoned World Photography Urbex YouTube channel to get a taste of exploring abandoned buildings.

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  • idiotphotographer
    March 3, 2014 at 12:56 am

    I’ve been wondering what kind of urbex opportunities there were in Ireland and here you are to tell me about them! I’m looking forward to more from you, you’ve got some locations I’d love to check out one day.

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