The Abandoned Castle of Can Jaumar in Cabrils, Spain

The Abandoned Castle of Can Jaumar in Cabrils, Spain By Abandoned World Photography

The abandoned Castle of Can Jaumar, formerly known as Can Rafart, dates back to the late and very dark Middle Ages.

It was built in 1229 by a Christian family, the Rafart de Cabrils, who had fled to Northern Spain alongside thousands of others to live and pray in peace away from raging war battlefields and Islamic dictatorship.

At that time, Spanish Christians had been fighting a 500 year long war against Muslims who had conquered large areas of the country (and wider Europe) and imposed a “convert or die law”.

As the battles raged on, the Christians who remained in Spain had fled to areas such as Cabrils in Catalunya, and built themselves farmhouses to live in aswell as underground cave churches to pray in.

The abandoned building you see in my video below and photos further down the page, is the former Rafart de Cabrils farmhouse.

The medieval castle elements such as towers with crenellations, battlements, arched windows and heraldic shields were added in 1906 by its new owner, the Jaumar de la Carrera family.

By the time the Jaumar’s had bought Can Rafart, Spain had succeeded in booting out the Muslims after a century-long war and the country was Christian once again. To ensure there were no further religious threats, all Jews had also been told to take a hike.

The later history of the castle is blurry but I do know it’s currently owned by the Spanish government and is a protected site. It’s well worth the visit for anyone passing through or living in Barcelona and the surrounding areas.

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