Australia Urbex

Despite its relatively young age, Australia boasts a surprisingly extensive collection of abandoned buildings that entice urban explorers seeking adventure and unique photography opportunities.

However, it’s important to note that Australia maintains strict laws regarding trespassing, so urbex enthusiasts should exercise caution.

Throughout the four years I spent urbexing in Australia, I received a continuous stream of emails, calls, and even unexpected visits from the po-po.

The most memorable incident involved a random visit from the Western Australia Homicide Police Force, who came to my workplace to request the removal of photos taken at the abandoned Claremont serial killer’s residence (Bradley Edwards). But that tale is best saved for another time.

Where to Urbex in Australia?

There are lots of great abandoned places in Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane for those looking for a new urbex spot to photograph in Australia. Feel free to click on one of the links below to view photo galleries, read historical research, and get inspiration for where to explore next.

Remember, safety is paramount so don’t forget to check out the 15 golden rules of urbex.