Abandoned Restaurant Boats in Hanoi, Vietnam│Abandoned World Photography

Abandoned Boats, Trains and Planes

Abandoned boats and ships are a rare find hence why there is so little on my website. The only ones I have managed to photograph to date are the floating restaurants in Hanoi, Vietnam. Even then, I couldn’t photograph the inside for a few reasons: I didn’t have access to a boat to get to the abandoned boats, I didn’t have a wetsuit to swim to the boats, and the water was too dirty to even fathom swimming in! Hence, I am on a quest to find more abandoned boats (preferably ships) that I can actually explore the inside of.

Similarly, abandoned trains and planes are hard to find but they are fascinating up close, especially when you get to photograph the belly of a derelict double-decker Boeing 747!

Abandoned World Photography

Abandoned Floating Restaurants in Hanoi, Vietnam

The startling discovery of 200 tonnes of dead fish in the West Lake led to the closure of several floating restaurants and cruise ships in Hanoi, Vietnam. Workers collect dead fishes floating in the polluted West Lake in Hanoi. Photo by Reuters/Kham Abandoned since 2016, the derelict ships lie rotting away and becoming more dilapidated by the day.

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Abandoned Hotham Valley Trains in Perth, Western Australia │ Abandoned World Photography Urbex
Abandoned World Photography

Abandoned Hotham Valley Trains in Perth, Western Australia

The Hotham Valley Railway was born in 1974 as an idea by a small group of train enthusiasts who wanted to preserve the steam locomotives on the Pinjarra-Dwellingup railway line when the world was moving towards diesel engines. After purchasing a bunch of Mountain type W class locomotives and spending countless hours restoring the tracks, trains and depot buildings, the first steam train returned to the Hotham Valley in September 1976. Ever since, the Hotham Valley Railway volunteers have donated their time to preserve and expand the railway, getting hold of unique historical carriages such as an 1884 club car and a 1919 dining carriage. Enjoy the photography slideshow below and don’t forget to follow Abandoned World Photography for regular urbex updates on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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Abandoned Boeing Planes in Bangkok, Thailand│Abandoned World Photography Urbex
Abandoned World Photography

Abandoned Planes in Bangkok, Thailand

On Sep. 16, 2007, 89 people died after one of the MD-82’s operated by One-Two-Go, a now-defunct budget carrier owned by Orient Thai, crash-landed and exploded during an attempted landing at Phuket International Airport. Somehow, the plane made its way to Bangkok where it now sits rotting away in a random field near one of the airports. The field, now known as Bangkok’s “aeroplane graveyard”, consists of fuselages, wings, and debris from the MD-82 as well as a cruise-sized Boeing 747 and two medium-sized planes. The site is also occupied by a few Thai families who have transformed one of the smaller planes into a home. If you happen to find the planes and want to experience what it’s like standing inside a double-decker plane stripped of its innards, be prepared to pay 200 baht! Enjoy the video and photo gallery below and don’t forget to follow Abandoned World Photography on Facebook and Instagram. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nKNpZh0RMA

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