Abandoned Alexander the Great Mansion in Perth, Western Australia

Tucked away in Wundowie, Perth, and located near to the abandoned El Caballo resort, is a huge, multi-site abandoned mansion that has its own Ferris wheel, waterslides, a weird cult-like church, life-size dollhouses, a full-size horse carousel, stadium, sports pitch, stables, and lots of very fancy statues.

A source has told AWP that the mansion was originally built by the father for his son for when he grew up. However, the son was gifted a sports car for his 18th birthday, which he subsequently crashed and then passed away. 

Access to this site back in 2020 was straightforward – in through a field via a back road. There were no signs of life, zero No Tresspassing signs, no security cameras etc. Each of the buildings photographed were 100% abandoned, as you can see from the photos below. It was a standard abandoned site albeit very strange and unusual. In particular, the creepy cult-like church had strange vibes and something didn’t add up. 

If you’ve been to the site recently, feel free to message AWP to confirm the status of its abandonment as it’s been four years since we were last there. 

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    Ryan Eaton
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