Bullying and Harassment by Celine Marie, Perth, Western Australia

Bullying and Harassment by Celine Marie, Perth, Western Australia

Over the years, I have received a ton of online abuse and harassment from people who have a problem with the work I do (only from Australian people for some weird reason). Ironically, 100% of this abuse (up until now) has been from amateur members of the Western Australia urbex community who were pissed off that my photographs were published in the West Australian newspaper.

My reaction to these people has been to block them and delete the abuse from my phone because why bother with keyboard warriors! Well, not anymore. This latest stream of abuse is not from anyone from the urbex community but from a stranger named Celina Marie.

She reached out to me on Instagram saying I had posted the address online of the abandoned Alexander the Great Mansion in Perth, Western Australia, and that recent trespassers had cited the AWP website. She also said I had posted photos of deceased people which I said wasn’t true. Amidst these allegations and aggressive messages, she asked me to remove the photos to which I said no.

Note: If anyone wants to contact us to notify us that an abandoned site is no longer uninhabited, please do so by emailing us or filling out the form on our contact us page. Messages that contain abusive language will not be taken seriously. Social media is also not the right place to submit this kind of query. In addition, this is a photography website. Photos stay on the site, however, if a site’s abandonment status changes, a notice will be posted at the top of the page to inform readers of this. Abandoned World Photography does not take responsibility for the actions of other people.

Moving on. 

Celine then created a fake Instagram profile on which she posted photos of me with captions such as, “Anyone want to rent a urbex whore?” and “Right after I sucked off a homeless dude urbexing” and “New meaning to brokeback mountain. #fatbitchesonhorses”. 

So, that gives you an idea of the person we are dealing with here. But it doesn’t stop there.

Celine has used the fake profile to text contacts from my personal Instagram account, which I had naively set as public. Again, using disgusting and abusive language which no one should have to deal with. 

This is Celine’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Celinakillhoes

Below are screenshots of the fake Instagram account and the posts she created.

Instagram is no help in getting the account removed, so I’d appreciate it if people could report it.

Below are snippets of the abuse she has been sending me through the AWP Instagram page. There was so much that it was easier to compile the worst of the lot into a few images.

This is what Celine has since changed her personal Instagram profile to: 

This is Celine’s personal Facebook page, yet to be changed to include something about me! 

Below are Instagram accounts that have followed and liked the posts on the fake Instagram page Celine created. Therefore, they are supporting online abuse and harassment and also deserve to be reported. 

I  have already reported the fake page and Celina’s actions to Instagram but no surprise they are doing fuck all about it. So, I would appreciate it if anyone who reads this can visit the page and report it aswell.