Abandoned 1916 Boland’s Flour Mill, Dublin (Ireland)

Abandoned Bolands Flour Mill in Dublin, Ireland│Abandoned World Photography Urbex

I spent months trying to find a way into this historical building that played such an important part in Irish history, specifically 1916. It is where Eamon De Valera and his men hid out when things were getting heated in Dublin during the war of independence. Another site I’ve explored that holds even more historical resemblance in Ireland, is the Phoenix Park Magazine Fort, which still stands derelict today.

Bolands Mill is now being torn down to make way for Google offices. I believe the site should have been used for a new museum in Dublin similar to the style of Collins Barracks in Smithfield.

It was so exciting to get into the Mill but the inside of the main towers was so dilapidated that it was impossible to go inside too far. I couldn’t get into the site unless it was pitch black because it’s on a busy road just outside of Dublin City Centre and entry meant climbing through a tiny window in the carpark of a dance studio that sat beside the site.

Once inside, the darkness meant it was hard to see all of the massive holes in the floor and if I missed one I would’ve fallen down into the dark waters of Grand Canal Dock which was definitely not worth the risk. I took pictures of whatever I could and left. Within a month, the site was being torn down to make way for the new renovations.

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