Abandoned Portrane Mental Asylum, Co Dublin (Ireland)

Abandoned Portrane Mental Asylum in Dublin, Ireland│Abandoned World Photography Urbex

This is one of the most challenging sites I have explored on my own. I knew security would be very high here, so I opted for a back entrance in. This meant using Google Maps to navigate through several overgrown football pitches and through very creepy woods until I came across small derelict buildings that seemed to be outhouses belonging to the asylum. The outhouses were stripped bare inside and only full of debris, ash and squatter items (mattresses, syringes, cooking stoves etc).

I made my way to the main asylum building and managed to get past a few security rooms but sadly, all doors/windows I could get to were boarded up. I was pretty disappointed and even went back another time with a friend to see if we could find an entry point but to no avail. Security is so high here for some reason and I’d love to know why.

I explored the Grangegorman Mental Asylum numerous times and brought a series of film directors to the site. Not once was there a hint of security in the area and both sites are very similar in terms of when they closed down and what they were used for back in the day. The only difference that poses a reason for the level of security at Portrane, is everything is still in it – the beds, equipment, paperwork etc. All things I wanted to capture on my camera but alas, I’ll get in someday before it gets demolished!

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