Abandoned Planes in Bangkok, Thailand

Abandoned Boeing Planes in Bangkok, Thailand│Abandoned World Photography Urbex

On Sep. 16, 2007, 89 people died after one of the MD-82’s operated by One-Two-Go, a now-defunct budget carrier owned by Orient Thai, crash-landed and exploded during an attempted landing at Phuket International Airport.

Somehow, the plane made its way to Bangkok where it now sits rotting away in a random field near one of the airports.

The field, now known as Bangkok’s “aeroplane graveyard”, consists of fuselages, wings, and debris from the MD-82 as well as a cruise-sized Boeing 747 and two medium-sized planes. The site is also occupied by a few Thai families who have transformed one of the smaller planes into a home.

If you happen to find the planes and want to experience what it’s like standing inside a double-decker plane stripped of its innards, be prepared to pay 200 baht!

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