Abandoned Hanoi Rock City, Vietnam

Abandoned Hanoi Rock City Venue in Hanoi, Vietnam│Abandoned World Photography Urbex

Founded in 2010, Hanoi Rock City in the West Lake area was the city’s first and only independent live music stage. Since then, HRC has been a major player in putting Hanoi on the music map for touring artists as well as emerging as a frontrunner in providing a solid, stable and dynamic creative platform for homegrown, grassroots talents across an eclectic array of live and electronic genres.

However, a few years after establishing the iconic venue, HRC moved its base of operations 100 metres down the road. The reason why is unknown but presumably to expand their customer capacity as their current location is much bigger in size. If anyone has more details on exactly when and why this site became abandoned, email abandonedworldphotography@gmail.com.

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