Abandoned Cattle Farm, Perth, Western Australia

Abandoned Cattle Farmhouse in Perth, Western Australia│Abandoned World Photography Urbex

This unique abandoned site used to be a farm that traded under the name J Wade Grazing Co between 2000 and 2003. There are several buildings at this location, which were used for cattle ranching, agriculture, and forestry.

It was run independently by a family who was big into their horses, which isn’t surprising because the site is located within one of Perth’s main horsie areas. The family owned a racehorse called Legerman, a thoroughbred born in Australia (1988).

The buildings are extremely dilapidated, especially the main house which is the main feature in the video. The floorboards have been ripped up in some of the rooms, the ceilings have fallen in and graffiti is on every wall. Some of the graffiti is cool, especially in the outer buildings. 

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