Abandoned Macquarie Boys’ Technology High School, Sydney, Australia

Abandoned Macquaries Boys Tech School in Sydney, Australia│Abandoned World Photography Urbex

Site Name: Macquarie Boys’ Technology High School

Site Location: Parramatta, Sydney
Site Value: Over 10 million dollars

Since it closed down in 2008, the Macquarie Boys’ Technology High School has been left vacant and open to vandalism. The site was incredibly easy to find and a hole in the fence meant not much thought had to be put into finding an entry point, which is usually the hardest part of urban exploration.

Every room I went into had been either raided, trashed or set on fire and by this stage, there isn’t any room for any more graffiti artists to mark their territory. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. In many cases, graffiti is what makes abandoned buildings so interesting. It adds colour to a room that would otherwise be very dark looking. At this site in particular, there was a lot of impressive graffiti pieces in the classrooms. Many times, I often found myself standing in the middle of a room staring at the walls like a crazy person. Thankfully, I was alone! 

Two of the buildings had a lot of fire and smoke damage and there was a lot of holes in the floor and walls. Despite this, it was nice to explore a derelict building where the inside components that would have been used back in the day are still currently present such as science tables, chairs, beakers, test tubes etc.

Overall, it was a very successful day exploring the abandoned Macquarie Boys’ Technology High School and I would highly recommend this site for anyone based in New South Wales, Australia, who is starting off in urban exploration.

Macquarie Boys’ Technology High School Goes on Fire

Macquarie Boys’ Technology High School fire in 2016

In July 2016, after seven years of being abandoned, the Macquarie Boys’ Technology High School was the target of an arson attack. The fire ravaged the school hall, leading law enforcement to treat the incident as a potential act of intentional destruction. Prior to this incident, the site had already been a magnet for vandals who had engaged in destructive behaviour, including breaking windows, leaving shattered glass on the floors, and spray-painting ugly graffiti on the walls.

The History of Macquarie Boys’ High School

Post-primary schooling for boys commenced on the site through the Boys’ Department of Parramatta District School. Over time, the Boys’ Department of Parramatta District School underwent name changes, evolving from Parramatta Commercial School to Parramatta Intermediate High School by 1920. Subsequently, in January 1944, the school adopted the title Parramatta Junior High School and established a separate entity with its principal while still occupying the same site.

In 1955, the school underwent a significant change as the name transitioned to Macquarie Boys High School.

Photo of the official opening of Macquarie Boys’ High School, 1955.

By the end of 1957, Macquarie Boys High School relocated to its present site at the corner of Kissing Point Road and what was then known as Rydalmere Avenue. In 1989, a notable alteration was made to the school’s name with the inclusion of the word ‘Technology,’ reflecting advancements in education.

Macquarie Boys'High School Sydney in 1964
Macquarie Boys'High School Sydney in 1964

The year 2008 marked a significant shift as years 7 through 10 were discontinued at Macquarie Boys Technology High School, while the remaining year 11 and 12 students continued to complete their Higher School Certificate (HSC) courses.

The Closure of Macquarie Boys High School

Following the reports, the NSW Department of Education and Training officially confirmed the decision to close the school after the 2009 school year. The closure was attributed to the persistent reputation problems the school had encountered over the years, as well as the critically low enrollment figures in 2007.

This confirmation solidified the unfortunate fate of Macquarie Boys Technology High School, marking the end of an era for the institution. The closure paved the way for a new beginning, with plans to establish Lachlan Macquarie College on the same site, specialising in mathematics and science education.

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