Abandoned Batman Nightclub, Thailand

Abandoned Batman Nightclub in Pattaya, Thailand│Abandoned World Photography Urbex

Before it became derelict, the Abandoned Batman Nightclub in Thailand was a significant hotspot for upper-class tourists, and pimps. However, after its novel inception in 1994, it only operated for a mere 18 months.

This building was amazing to walk through. It was huge and so spacious. There was an extremely high elevator which was completely stripped of its innards, so if you weren’t looking where you were going, you could fall over 6 storeys to the ground. Each floor had an enormous hole in the middle, which when you think about it, was pretty dangerous to have in a nightclub – but pretty unique all the same.

Finally, the graffiti throughout the entire building was so colourful and impressive. Word is that professional graffiti artists were invited to create pieces on the walls in an attempt to revive the poorly building. 

The lower level hosted the main Batman stage, which is now completely submerged in metres of water. The upper levels were used primarily for escort and VIP services. And there is a rooftop level with 360-degree views over the city.

The enormous building ceased operating when a fire spread through the club during which several patrons and members of staff perished. Now, all that’s left is the graffiti, massive holes in the floors and a huge number of bats flying around (ironically).

Reports say the fire occurred suspiciously after the nightclub got raided for permit violations and a court case was launched. Other reports say the building was funded by mafia money, and where there’s dirty money involved, fatal accidents often happen (and there is a lot of corruption in Thailand so it wouldn’t surprise me if this was the cause)!

Two years ago, a man’s body was found floating in the downstairs flooded dancefloor and one of the former members of staff who is often seen on the site said he goes for a swim in the same pool. Yes, you read that right. He goes swimming in the same pool that a dead man’s body was found in. Alas, each to their own! 

Despite its tragic history, the atmosphere inside the building was serene, apart from when a screeching bat would brush off your head as it flew by!

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