The Abandoned Space Roller Rink in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Abandoned Space Roller Rink in Chiang Mai, Thailand – Abandoned World Photography

After being in Chiang Mai for less than 24 hours, I found myself standing inside an eerie relic of the past – an abandoned roller-skating rink that has been decaying for over two decades.

Space Roller Extreme Sport & Techno Games was a popular attraction for Thai families and teenagers, but it closed down after the Asian financial crisis hit the region hard in the 1990s.

Now, the building is barely recognisable, with only the Space Roller sign and the crumbling rink hinting at its former glory.

The interior is completely destroyed by the roof that’s caved in and there’s heaps of rubbish and (pretty bad) graffiti. Most of the rooms are pitch black and some of them are inhabited by Thai homeless people.

Access was easy and straightforward, as there were no guards, fences, or no trespassing signs. I’m always thankful for abandoned sites where access is easy – it really cuts down the time you have to spend there, and you get to save your adrenaline for inside!

Not a bad start to kick off the AWP Thailand urbex series!

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