Abandoned Buildings in Australia for Urbex

Despite it’s young age, Australia has a surprisingly large amount of abandoned buildings that urban explorers can discover and photograph. However, be aware that the laws are quite strict around trespassing in Australia so be careful.

For example, during the first six months I started urbexing in Perth, I was getting constant emails, calls and even visits from security personnel and moreso, the WA police.

One of those visits was from the Western Australia Homicide Police Force who thought it was ok to casually rock up to my workplace just to ask me to remove the photos of the abandoned Claremont serial killer’s home (Bradley Edwards). But that story is for another day!


Where Can You Urbex in Australia?

There are lots of great abandoned places in SydneyPerth, and Brisbane for those looking for a new urbex spot to photograph in Australia. Feel free to click on one of the links below to view photo galleries, read historical research, and get inspiration for where to explore next.

Remember, safety is paramount so don’t forget to check out our 15 golden rules of urbex.


Best Abandoned Buildings in Brisbane for Urbex

Abandoned Broadway Hotel, Brisbane, Australia

The abandoned Broadway Hotel in Brisbane has been protected by the Queensland Heritage Register since 1992, but that hasn’t deterred arsonists, graffiti artists, squatters and urban exploring photographers like me! :)  Sadly, the building has been destroyed by three fires

Abandoned Wacol Mental Asylum, Australia

More than 50,000 people, including children as young as 11, suffered in silence at the Wacol Mental Asylum after it was established in 1865. The abandoned Wacol Mental Asylum was founded by the Queensland government as the first publicly funded

Best Abandoned Buildings in Sydney for Urbex

Abandoned Notre Dame Zoo, Sydney, Australia

The Abandoned Notre Dame Zoo, Sydney, Australia Emmanuel Margolin’s Notre Dame Zoo and French Chateau worth $27 million that was once coined “The Best House in the World” by the TV show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, is now

Abandoned Callan Park Mental Asylum, Sydney

Site Name: Callan Park Mental Asylum, SydneySite Dates: 1878 – 2008Site Size: 104.5 acres The abandoned Callan Park Mental Asylum was one the most challenging sites I’ve ever explored alone. It was extremely hard to gain access and when I managed to

Abandoned Balmain Tigers League Club, Sydney, Australia

The Abandoned Balmain Tigers League Club, Sydney, Australia The Balmain Tigers League Club was built in 1957 and valued at $22 million. The building now sits abandoned, open to many squatters and is in very bad condition. In one of
Best Abandoned Buildings in Perth for Urbex

Abandoned Regis Aged Care Facility in Perth, WA [VIDEO]

The abandoned Regis Aged Care Facility in Perth, is situated in a remarkably interesting location. Dating back to 1905, the large site, bordered by Smyth/Monash/Karella and William Streets, was first acquired by the Salvation Army. Over the next century, it

Abandoned Riverbank Prison in Perth, WA

Riverbank was opened in 1960 by the Australian Child Welfare Department (CWD). It was Australia’s first purpose-built maximum security reformatory for boys. Riverbank was to address the two tensions in youth offending: the welfare needs of young offenders, and their

Abandoned Swan District Hospital in Perth, WA

The abandoned Swan District Hospital and Asylum in Perth, WA, was under Australian media scrutiny in 2011 when a nurse allegedly threw a woman’s miscarried baby into the garbage alongside medical waste. The hospital had previously been in the public eye in
The front of an abandoned house in Perth, Western Australia. Photo by Abandoned World Photography.

The Most Spookiest Abandoned House in Perth, WA [VIDEO]

The Most Spookiest Abandoned House in Perth, Western Australia There are very few buildings that I would deliberately go out of my way NOT to return to, and this house is definitely on that list. You know when you can’t

Abandoned Greenacre Riding School in Perth, WA

The Greenacre Riding School was built in the 1950s and was known by all who loved horses in Western Australia. Its owner, Vic Ferreira, was well-known and much-loved, which can be seen by his numerous awards for community involvement and

Abandoned Byford Motel in Perth, WA [VIDEO]

This abandoned motel was a lovely find after I finished exploring the Greenacre Riding School in Wellard. It felt like old school urbex, you know, hopping over a fence and just straight away walking into the open arms of an abandoned

Abandoned Fremantle Veterinary Hospital, Perth, WA

Constructed in 1906, this single-storey limestone and iron house is historically significant for its Australian Victorian-Georgian style of architecture, which can be seen by the symmetrical facades. This type of architecture is prominent in Fremantle, where this site is located.