Top 5 Abandoned Buildings in Perth for Urbex

Abandoned Swan District Hospital in Perth, Western Australia│Abandoned World Photography Urbex

Compared to its international counterparts, Perth, Western Australia, doesn’t have a huge amount of derelict, historical buildings for urbex lovers to explore. The WA police are also very much on the ball, as are site managers, caretakers and supervisors of abandoned sites.

Thus, it’s important to take precautionary measures when urbexing in Perth, such as checking for cameras, No Trespassing signs, and other signs of security.

To help you satisfy your craving for an abandoned Perth adventure, here are derelict or vacant sites that you can explore or photograph safely with no legal repercussions (hopefully)!

The abandoned buildings in Perth, WA, that we will cover in this blog include a derelict equine theme parkanimal research laboratorya refractory/quarryunderground factory tunnel, and a horseriding school.


The Abandoned El Caballo Theme Park, Great Eastern Highway, Wooroloo WA 6558, Australia

Abandoned El Caballo Theme Park in Perth, Western Australia │Abandoned World Photography Urbex
El Caballo Theme Park, Perth ~ Abandoned World Photography

The abandoned El Caballo Theme Park, Perth, sticks out like a sore thumb if you’re driving along the Great Eastern Highway. There is an active golfing centre on-site behind the derelict theme park site where you can park your car, just take the first left once you pass the El Caballo sign and follow the driveway.

As you walk back down to the theme park, you’ll notice the old stables and arena to your right and the former accommodation blocks that once housed weddings and lavish parties to your left. There is a side gate that you can either squeeze under or hop over to get into the enclosure, depending on whether or not you have a fear of heights. This derelict Perth property is vast and spread over acres of land so take your time and tread lightly.

Notable features still present include the old archway leading down into the massive arena where horses and riders once performed magical tricks to large audiences. The decaying theatre still stands as does the sweet shop, spectator’s area, and restaurant.

All of the doors are heavily locked and it’s impossible to get inside the El Caballo abandoned buildings.

However, it has been well over a year since we last explored the derelict theme park, so who knows if there is a hidden opening today. If you find one, let us know!


The Abandoned Burford Soap Factory Tunnel, 51 Rule St, North Fremantle WA 6159, Australia

Abandoned Fremantle Burford Soap Factory Tunnel in Perth, Western Australia │Abandoned World Photography Urbex
The Abandoned Burford Soap Factory Tunnel, Perth ~ Abandoned World Photography

The old soap factory tunnel in Rocky Bay, Fremantle is an abandoned historical landmark long forgotten but not hard to find.

Once you make your way to Rule Street and park up facing the beach, find the trail down to the shore that leads you down windy, crumbling steps. Once you reach the bottom, turn right and walk for a few metres until you see the opening of the abandoned Fremantle tunnel.

Be careful of the black gate as it swings 360 so find your balance before completing whatever manoeuvre you use to get over and in.

The tunnel starts off wide but gets quite thin as you will see in the photo above. So, it goes without saying, anyone who has claustrophobia should not visit the soap tunnel!

A Serious Word of Warning:

The tide is constantly changing at Rocky Bay, so decide whether or not to explore the tunnel based on the water level when you get there. The tunnel goes on for 96 metres and you don’t want to be stuck inside if the water gets too high.


The Abandoned Clackline Refractory & Quarry, Clackline Rd, WA 6564, Australia

Abandoned Clackline House in Perth, Western Australia │Abandoned World Photography Urbex
Clackline Refractory & Quarry, Perth~ Abandoned World Photography

If you’re into abandoned industrial sites, the Clackline Refractory & Quarry in Perth, Western Australia, is a must-see!

Also referred to as Clackline Clay and Brick, this massive abandoned site is a heritage-listed brickworks landmark in Perth, Western Australia.

Pop Clackline Refractory & Quarry into your Google Maps and it’ll bring you straight to it!

If you explore further afield and into the trees, chances are you’ll stumble across this little abandoned house in the Clackline woods littered with wall writings. Just watch out for the dead kangaroo at the front door!


The Abandoned Greenacre Riding School, Millar Rd, Wellard WA 6170, Australia

Abandoned Greenacre Horseriding School in Perth, Western Australia │Abandoned World Photography Urbex
Abandoned Greenacre Riding School, Perth ~ Abandoned World Photography

You don’t need to be a horsie person to appreciate the urbex value of Greenacre Riding School in Perth, Western Australia. There’s a mixture of abandoned houses, stables, arenas and barns that are starting to be overtaken by nature. Just be careful you don’t step on a snake in the long grass!

The Abandoned Medina Research Station, Abercrombie Rd, Postans WA 6167, Australia
Abandoned Medina Animal Research Centre in Perth, Western Australia │Abandoned World Photography Urbex
Medina Research Station, Perth ~ Abandoned World Photography

The abandoned Medina Research Station site is popular amongst urbexers, motorbike riders and adventurists. Similar to the derelict El Caballo site, Medina is impossible not to spot when driving along Abercrombie Road, Perth.

Set aside a few hours for this urbex trip in Perth, as you’ve got acres of land to explore. There are massive warehouses still standing, factories and laboratories, and massive greenhouses at the back of the site – all abandoned and neglected after the Australian state government moved their animal and plant experimenting operations to another base.

Some of the buildings such as the former caretaker’s house was set on fire and most of the buildings look like the hulk smashed his way through, leaving not much intact in his wake. This site definitely sets a unique backdrop for urbex photography or videography.

Access to this site is as easy as driving through the open gates and parking up on-site. Alternatively, if you want to be more inconspicuous, there are plenty of parking spots in the residential suburb opposite Abercrombie Road.


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