Best Abandoned Buildings in Sydney

Abandoned Callan Park Hospital in Sydney, Australia│Abandoned World Photography Urbex

For those captivated by the allure of urban decay and abandoned structures, Sydney holds a treasure trove waiting to be uncovered. In this urbex guide, we’ve carefully curated a list of the best abandoned building locations for urban explorers and photographers in New South Wales, Australia.

These include:

Stay safe and happy urbexing!

1. The Abandoned Callan Park Mental Asylum | Sydney Urbex Locations

The abandoned Callan Park Mental Asylum, an expansive and eerie site, stands out as one of the most remarkable abandoned locations to explore in 2022. Nestled within sprawling grounds, this derelict asylum offers an exploration of decaying wards and an abandoned mental institution. Visiting during the early morning or late at night is advisable due to its relatively public setting.

Exploring this location during daylight is recommended due to its unstable and deteriorating structure. For those intrigued by ghostly tales, Callan Park has a reputation for giving off an unsettling vibe. Access to urbex within the mental institution is relatively straightforward once you locate the entry point.

2. Abandoned Macquarie Boys Tech School | Sydney Urbex Locations

Hidden amidst the Sydney hills, the vibrant and derelict Macquarie Boys Tech School is easily accessible, especially by bus. Exploring this site requires caution due to broken glass and potential hazards.

Update 2023: The Macquarie Boys Tech School has reportedly been demolished.

3. Emmanuel Margolin’s Abandoned Notre Dame Zoo | Sydney Urbex Locations

The abandoned Notre Dame Zoo, a beloved site in Sydney’s memory, is a popular urbex destination. Nostalgia and fond memories surround this location, attracting urban explorers seeking to relive its past glory.

Update 2023: The Notre Dame site is reportedly not abandoned at this present time. 

4. Abandoned Balmain Tigers League Club | Sydney Urbex Locations

If you’re captivated by post-apocalyptic aesthetics and colossal abandoned structures, the Balmain Tigers League Club in Sydney is an ideal spot for urban exploration and photography. Access is relatively straightforward, reminiscent of scenes from post-apocalyptic movies. It’s a vast location encompassing sports halls, meeting rooms, function spaces, and entertainment areas.

5. Abandoned Asbestos Removal Facility | Sydney Urbex Locations

For those equipped with proper safety gear, the abandoned Asbestos Removal Facility offers a unique urbex experience. Given the hazardous nature of asbestos, we strongly advise wearing appropriate protective gear, like asbestos masks, available at hardware stores. Due to safety concerns, we’re refraining from providing access hints to this site.

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