Abandoned Greenacre Riding School in Perth, WA

Abandoned Greenacre Horseriding School in Perth, Western Australia │Abandoned World Photography Urbex

The Greenacre Riding School was built in the 1950s and was known by all who loved horses in Western Australia. Its owner, Vic Ferreira, was well-known and much-loved, which can be seen by his numerous awards for community involvement and achievement.

Over a period of 30 years, hundreds of Australians and newcomers fell in love with Greenacre and formed strong relationships within the equine community.

The ending for the Riding School came in 2008 when Ferreira was forced to close due to a spiralling public liability insurance crisis that saw his premiums rise by 350%. He died that same year.

Many were devastated to hear of its closure, and lots of petitions were signed in the hope that the City of Kwinana or Mark McGowan (Premier of Western Australia) would step in and help.

The historic riding school, situated in the remote bushland of Wellard, is now a sight for sore eyes. All of the walls, windows and doors of every building are smashed, the grounds are littered with rubbish and there is graffiti everywhere. It’s hard to imagine it in its glory days when it was bustling with life.

Perhaps it’s this remoteness and state of disrepair that attracted the Claremont Killer when he was disposing of his last victim, Jane Rimmer.

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